Custom Metal


Hi-Rib I

Custom Metal’s Hi-Rib panel has been the flagship product line of the company since the very beginning. This commercial panel offers unmatched strength and durability.

Hi-Rib II

Custom Metal’s Hi-Rib II panel was introduced in the 1980s as a siding panel.  The goal of Hi-Rib II was to offer our customers another commercial alternative to the legendary Hi-Rib.

Lo-Rib I

Custom Metal’s Lo-Rib panel was introduced in 2015 to give an additional option to those customers who wanted something with a less commercial looking profile but with the same advantages of metal.

Lo-Rib II

Custom Metal’s Lo-Rib II panel was introduced to compliment Hi-Rib II. This offers our customers another low profile commercial alternative.

2.5 Corrugated

Our corrugated metal line began many decades ago when we were selling sheets to Co-Ops across the Midwest. Today the panel is sold for roofing, siding, and a variety of additional uses.