Custom Metal’s Hi-Rib panel has been the flagship product line of the company since the very beginning. This commercial panel offers unmatched strength and durability


The panel features one-inch major ribs spaced every ten inches apart with a minor striation rib down the center. To add even more strength we apply minor horizontal ribs in the flats of the metal to increase the rigidity of the product. *These horizontal ribs can be removed at a customer’s request.

Panel Coverage

Through the use of proprietary rollforming systems Custom Metal can produce 40 inch, 30 inch, and 20 inch coverage panels. Panel coverage will depend on the type of material selected and inventory at any given time.

Panel Design Comparison

Illustration of the design differences between HI-RIB Panel I, HI-RIB Panel II, and Corrugated Panel View PDF

Color Sheet

View Standard, Job Lot, Secondary, and Liner Panel Colors View PDF

Residential Roof Example

Residential roof with illustration of sections such as gable end, eave, valley, ridge, hip, and more. View PDF

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